Volume Purchasing Saves You Money!

General Information: Mailbox Club lessons come in two forms, single lessons and double lessons. For the most part, children’s lessons come as singles and adult lessons come as doubles. All lessons are priced per lesson, so a double lesson costs twice that of a single lesson.

40% Discount for Packs: Mailbox Club lessons can be purchased individually at $0.30 ($0.40 for 4-color Explorers1) each, or in packs containing 50 lessons at $0.18 ($0.24 for 4-color Explorers1) per lesson. Adult double lesson books come with 25 double lessons per pack (50 actual lessons). The adult double lessons can be purchased individually at $0.60 each or in packs of 25 lesson books at $0.36 per book.  We recommend ordering in whole pack quantities, as you save 40% over the sinble item price.

Volume Discounts are available: You can save up to 20% over pack prices by buying in quantities over stated purchase thresholds.

Discount Orders Size
10% between $100 and $ 250
15% between $250 and $ 500
20% over $500